Our Industry



Regardless of economic fluctuations, the plantation industry has always remained competitive as it is a major source of sustainable and renewable raw materials which makes it attractive to producers and users alike.

IR Elite provides wide-ranging services to clients in the plantation and agro-based industry. Our range of services cover but are not limited to consulting, management, operations,support assistance, technical advice, agronomic advisory and feasibility studies. Our knowledge and expertise enable clients to embrace innovative, efficient processes and systems that can help them lower costs, enhance efficiency and yields, and improve management capabilities.

We are able to do all these based on our deep understanding of the operating requirements and performance drivers of the plantation industry.


IR Elite provides business advice for any commercial, agriculture and land development projects. We advise investors, corporate property owners and developers on real estate development, their investment returns, project assessment and also determining plans for individual, smaller sites.

Development is all about identifying and understanding the maximum potential of any given site. We work closely with clients and advise on the viability and feasibility of proposed developments and how these can achieve a favourable outcome. This includes the initiation of development schemes to securing planning permissions and the creation of potential joint ventures with potential financing partners right up to the completion of the project.


renewable energy

The energy sector has experienced tremendous worldwide changes over the past decade and the landscape will continue to shift as new trends in economics, geopolitics, industry behaviour, technology, environmental impact and emissions regulations emerge. These pose both a significant threat and opportunity for players in the energy industry.

Renewable energy has become a cause celebre with both environmentalists and captains of industry. Green awareness ideas and principles are influencing the way people conduct their business activities; the ability to seize the right opportunity is vital in order to capitalize the opportunities this niche market has to offer. With our expertise and experience, we help companies navigate today's industry challenges. We turn these challenges into opportunities with strategy development and execution based on technology trends right through to implementation.

Understanding technology trends and deployment is fundamental in defining how to effectively support business operations and optimize capital investment, particularly with respect to the evolution of renewable energy. We help clients develop real-world understanding of available assets and technologies and manage implementation of projects to achieve the intended and desired results.

IR Elite is equipped with a range of renewable energy services to ensure our clients get the best value for their investments. Identification and assessment of appropriate renewable solutions are done based on clients' resources and objectives, evaluation and advice of project practicality, including in-depth costing and returns. We bring a unique perspective on how to merge business and environmental concerns so that both needs are catered for.